November 30, 2013

To Sit or Not To Sit..

I walk into a crowded coffee shop with my laptop in hopes of getting some work done but there are no seats available. I look around and spot a square table for four in the corner of the room and briskly charge towards it before someone else calls shotgun. I'm thrilled that I found somewhere to park myself for the next few hours but wondered why no one else was sitting there before. A little symbol on the corner of the table tells me it's a handicapped accessible table. Nobody at the other tables seems to be leaving anytime soon and there aren't any other places nearby where I could steal wifi from. So, do I sit at the handicapped accessible table or not?  I look around and start wondering what people will think of me if I sat at that table. I mean, I can just get up if someone needed it, right? Then the therapist in me took over and turned around, just as a neighboring couple got up and left. For the last one hour of sitting at my new non-accessible table, I have watched at least six people walk over to that table only to walk back saying, "oh, that's a handicap table." What it is that propels the able-bodied from not sitting at that table. Again, you can just move if someone with a wheelchair came in. So, why not sit? I really wonder if it's morality taking over or the thought that other people might consider you less civil for sitting at the accessible table. If a handicap person did come in and saw me sitting at that table, would he/she mind? Mind or not, I considered the accessible-parking-spaces-rule and opted out of the seat.
What would you do?

1 comment:

  1. I would probably do what you did.Only because i don't want to be the a$$ who took a handicap spot? I don't see the issue in using it someone else gets there and Needs it...but in the mean time i would be so paranoid if someone was watching and thinking...."shes not even handicapped and she took that spot?" Does that make sense???