October 18, 2013

October - National Awareness Month of .....

"Just before the death of the flowers, before they are buried in snow, there comes a season when nature is all aglow." - said Anonymous

Winterfylleth, the Anglo Saxon or Old English name for October, is the beginning of the cold weather, green leaves changing into hues of red and golden yellow, creating a foliage worthy of an artist's palette. Blackberries are in season, cotton scarves and knee-high boots are in fashion and everything is pumpkin flavored. It's a busy month for people decorating their windowsills and porches with ghostly decorations and rushing to find that perfect costume for the much awaited end of the month Halloween, followed by making Thanksgiving and Christmas plans.  

Yes, it's a grand month to celebrate not only the changing seasons and Halloween but it's the granddaddy of National Awareness months. Instead of creeping through the internet and walking streets on ends for those decorations and costumes, walk a mile for a cause, wear a pink ribbon or green t-shirt in support for someone who may not be able to celebrate or dress up this Halloween due to an illness or disease.

Wear Pink
Find a local race for the cure, raise awareness and funds for the breast cancer movement, celebrate survivorship and honor those that have lost their lives from the disease. 

Wear 3:21
Advocate for the inclusion and acceptance of people with Down Syndrome by participating in the National Buddy Walk Program and walking together for Down Syndrome.

1 Dollar. 1 Kit. 1 School.
The International Dyslexia Association, IDA, has created a national awareness campaign and fundraising event to encourage supporters to donate one Dyslexia resource kit to every public elementary school in the U.S. The kit is called Dyslexia in the Classroom: What Every Teacher Needs To Know. The aim is to get this kit to every elementary public school principal by November 1 in order to raise awareness, share best practices, and be used as a resource to the school's administration and staff. 

Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida
Celebrate the accomplishments of over 166,000 people who are living with Spina Bifida.

Wear a Green Bracelet
Join the efforts of the Little People of America to raise awareness and promote respect for the thousands of people with dwarfism across the U.S.

After a month of raising awareness, fundraising and all that walking, you've well deserved a delicious slice of greasy pizza. Of course, in honor of National Pizza Month, that is!

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