January 18, 2012

Fieldwork Survival Guide, as per AOTA

Prior to starting my Level II fieldwork I had looked through this manual and absorbed every tip and suggestion I possibly could. This helped me tremendously as I was prepared to take on any challenge provided by my supervisor. I made sure to research the site, diagnoses, interventions (with back-up plans), and appropriate assessments before my first day. 

Some things I would suggest you definitely brush up on:
-Transfer techniques
-Range of Motion and MMT
-Know how to write Progress Notes (SOAP notes)! and
-GOALS (SMART, RHUMBA, FEAST..whichever you've learned)

Most importantly, ASK QUESTIONS! Show your supervisor you care and are interested. INITIATE!

*For the AOTA Fieldwork Survival Guide, follow the link below.

(www.aota.org, 2006).

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